Website navigation usability

Website navigation usability is the most crucial element in design.

It makes the difference between a website where users find what they are looking for and one which causes so much frustration that users want to abandon it.

The whole point of designing a website is to allow access the content, so the success of the design depends entirely on the quality of navigation user experience.

It has the same as the navigation of a ship out at sea, which can mean life or death to the sailors on board. A website that provides a poor navigation loses conversions and can kill the […]

The Pantsuit. Hillary Clinton’s UX.

This an amazing look into the behind the scenes of the “Pantsuit” user experience for I love the modular design and the changes they made for color-blind visitors. Check out the process below!
Design systems. Pattern libraries. Styleguides. Whatever you want to call them, they are very much in style right now.
A design system’s purpose is to provide consistent, tested and reusable solutions for a common UX problem.

Campaigns move at lightning speed, and have some hard, non-negotiable deadlines. To empower our developers to create and ship products at the pace our needs require while maintaining a consistent UI, a single, […]

Responsive WordPress Design

The Corner Butcher Shop of Beverly, MA project is the result of a complete WordPress redesign. It is a responsive, mobile-first, modular design on a sleek content management system. Melinda wanted a vintage feel to the site, so I incorporated an old-time feel to the design, as well as bringing in the prominent use of the chalk board and “look and feel” to the overall vibe of the site.   The goal was to recreate the vibrant experience in the shop, so upon visiting the site there is a hero panorama of the store.  A quick scroll and you have all […]

When to redesign your website

Redesigning is overrated. It can seem like a quick and easy way to get rid of all of your problems, but it rarely is.
Problem first, redesign later
Or as Hans Solo put it, “Escape now, hug later.” Redesigning is like hugging. It feels good, but you might die if you don’t get your priorities straight. All design should have a clear goal or a problem to solve first. If your website was made 10 years ago, then looking outdated could be a valid problem. If your conversion rate is at its all time lowest, that is a valid problem too. Here […] WordPress Landing Page

Happy to announce I’m in the first phase of development for the main WordPress web site for The landing page is live and collecting emails for her marketing campaign in the meantime, while I work in the background.

Here’s a peek into the process from her pen to my keyboard & mouse. Jennifer initially provided me with a drawing of her ideal landing page. From that, I was able to custom code a ConvertKit form to her liking as well as the rest of the page. Check it out and stay tuned for more on the web development process!

Facebook Business Page Tips

With 1.09 billion people logging in daily, Facebook is a huge resource for your business. The marketing potential is high, but how do you maximize it? Facebook Business Pages need to be treated differently from your personal profiles. There’s plenty of competition for attention on Facebook, but that means a lot of opportunity for inspiration too.

Here are some Facebook Business Page tips to up your marketing game.
Define Your Facebook Goals
How you go about running your Facebook Business page is going to depend on your goals. It is a good idea to choose a main goal and then a couple following […]

Publish Great Content While on the Go

Can you imagine watching the setting sun silhouetting the Eiffel tower, while you’re sipping your cappuccino at the quaint little cafe on the street corner?

Suddenly you decide to take out your iPhone, capture the magical sunset, and send it out to your followers on Instagram with an inspiring quote. And while you’re at it, you decide to make it the header image for your next blog post too.

That’s what I love most about being a location independent entrepreneur — the freedom to explore the world, connect with my audience whenever I want, and work on my business, all at the […]

New features for Twitter, Facebook & Instagram

Want to know what’s new in Social Media?

To keep you up to date on these smaller changes and features, here’s a rundown of five upcoming or “in-test mode” features that are currently being trialed on some of the major platforms – starting with Twitter, which is testing some new customer service focused options.
1. New Twitter Profile Display Options
Twitter’s put a big emphasis on their customer service capacity in recent times, launching longer DMs, new analytics and tracking options and testing out profile improvements like product collection listings. In line with this, Twitter is also testing new on-profile presentation tools.

The first is a […]

Ultimate Web Development Checklist

BeeWits figured out every step needed to get a web design project done – from start to finish.  So here it is – the ultimate checklist for the web designer / freelancer / agency starting a web design project. We’ve covered all the steps you need to do, from the technical and development focused, to that involving client meetings, designers, copy-writing, and everything else in between.
Stage 0 – Project Start – Preparation
Is web design only about design? Not really! Although most of us love the creative part of designing and developing a website, there are quite a few things we […]

Google Classroom App

Educators, the Google Classroom app is now available on Android and iOS mobile devices. A few of the school web sites I developed using WordPress are integrated with Google Docs & Google Drive. For example they can insert a photo in their blog directly from their Google Drive within WordPress.  Teachers & Administrators, be sure to download the latest update on Google Classroom’s web site or on your iDevice/Android.  Documentation just got a lot easier.
“Google Classroom helps teachers create, assign, and collect student classwork and homework paperlessly. With Google Classroom, teachers can seamlessly integrate Google Docs, Google Drive, and Gmail […]